VidPowr Chrome Exteions

Use VidPowr chrome extension to fetch videos from YouTube, Vimeo & VidTags

We’ll be covering how to import videos to VidPowr from YouTube, Vimeo, and VidTags with just a single click with the VidPowr Google chrome extension.

1. Go here to download the VidPowr extension to your chrome browser

2. Click on “Add to Chrome”

Next, follow the prompts to install the extension on your Chrome browser.

For successful import make sure you are also logged in to VidPowr from the same Chrome browser.


  • Locate the video you want to import into VidPowr.
  • Right-click to reveal the extension icon
  • Click to “Add current YouTube video” and fetch the video to VidPowr

Repeat the same process to fetch Vimeo videos

For VidTags;


1. Make sure the video is public

2. Locate the video or share URL and open on a new tab

 3. Apply the same method as YouTube and Vimeo above.


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