Create Video Playlist

Steps on how to create a video playlist and embed on your website

We will be considering how to create a VidPowr video playlist and also fetch videos from YouTube to our VidPowr playlists

1. Click on “Playlists” 

2. Click on “New Playlist” on the top right of your screen

1. Give the playlist a title: The playlist text character is capped at 20 characters

2. Next, give it a description

3. Assign an ID to your playlist

4. If you want to convert it into a video course you can enable that here

5. If you have a logo for your playlist you can upload that here

6. Next, click on “Add playlist” to continue

1. Here is our created playlist box

2. We can edit and apply changes to our created playlists from here

3. I’ll click on the link to open our playlists to start importing our videos

1. From the “Add video tab”, we can import our existing VidPowr videos to our playlist

2. We can also fetch YouTube playlists videos from “Import YouTube Playlist”

To do that, we’ll open a YouTube channel

Locate their playlists from the channel

3. And paste the ID

Notice how I copied the playlist ID…

Note: Don’t copy the full URL. You get to the ID after (=)

1. From our page settings, we’ll be able to get our embed codes to embed our playlist videos on our website

2. We can delete a video from our playlists

3. We can also edit and add some customization to our playlist video

Also, our imported playlist videos get added to our video collections

This is how to create a VidPowr playlist and import videos from YouTube to our playlist.

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