Customize Theme & Players

Theme types, colors, controls, logo, player button, and thumbnails settings

We’ll be learning how to customize the video player skin

On how to use the themes, colors, controls, logos, player button, and how to upload our own thumbnails

Under the theme, this is the default theme player

And we have other themes options to select from

You can change the default theme player button and skin colors from here

The skin color can also be changed like this

Next on our list is the control

We can disable the player button

Enable or disable any feature you want

The changes will appear on the video front

Like if you uncheck the full screen, your viewer will not be able to have the video on full screen, and so forth

1. You can upload your own logo here

2. Check this to make it visible on the video player

Let me quickly upload the logo now

3. Enter the redirect link if the logo is clicked it will redirect them to

Click on save changes to see the effect

4. You can also change the button size from here

5. Here is the clickable logo

And on the play button, you’ll be able to change the button type and style


Changing the button color and style

Save to see the changes

And we can also make it auto loop and animate the button

Lastly, you can change this default thumbnail to another by uploading it here

And when done, always apply to save the changes

Let’s view to see the changes

This is how to customize your video skin and player

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