Create Clients/Reseller Account

Create and onboard clients (client account)

In this guide, we’ll be looking at how to create a clients account as an agency

Here you’ll be able to see your current user list

Click on the “New user” button to add a new client

Enter the client’s first and last name

Their email address and assign them a password

Then click on “create user”

When you do this they will receive an onboarding email from you

But before creating the clients account make sure you have set up your agency dashboard okay

Like your agency name, company logo and favicon, the email address they will be receiving onboarding emails from, the sender’s name and if you don’t have your own custom domain you can use any slag link here.

But if you have a custom domain primarily for this business then you can connect it here.

We only accept primary domains. Subdomains are not allowed.

So you’ll enter the domain name and then point it to our IP address

We have a well-detailed agency guide on how to easily set this up. You can check that out here.

Back to the users’ dashboard

After creating the client’s account, then you’ll be able to edit and modify the account as you wish.

1. You can edit the account from here

2. And you can access the client account from here

And you can disable or delete the account

Click on edit to modify the account

This is where you can enable or disable a feature you don’t want them to gain access to

Also, you can increase the number of videos, playlists, team members, and the number of custom domains that a particular account can have

And you can enable or disable any feature by turning it off or on

This is how to easily setup a client account as an agency

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