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Use VidPowr to create a powerful interactive video experience in minutes. Automatically add shoppable widgets, collect leads, collect feedback, buttons, questions, conditional videos, hotspots, video branching, and more.

Interactive Videos

Create Interactive Videos with VidPowr

You know you want to add movement and interaction to your videos. Not just because it’s nice to have, but because adding it makes your video more engaging which in turn helps increase engagement, click rates, and the number of leads or sales from the video.

If you’re just like thousands of other video marketers, you’re creating video content in order to get more leads. Your customers are having trouble interacting with your videos on other platforms. VidPowr can help solve this problem by allowing you to add interactivities to your videos that lead viewers to the point of action in a fun way!

Video Streaming

Lightning Fast Video Streaming & Hosting

Video Streaming

Lightning Fast Streaming & Hosting

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Video has become an integral part of the marketing landscape. 73% of marketers use video in their marketing strategy, and 40% of consumers watch videos on their smartphones several times per day. If your business isn’t leveraging video content, you’re cutting your legs off from a huge potential for growth. Even if you are using video, you don’t want to be stuck with sluggish hosting that could make or break your product launches and sales pitches.

VidPowr provides lightning-fast, instant video delivery, live video streaming, and analytics for YouTube & Vimeo live videos.

Collect Leads

Add Optin Forms in Your Video

You want to use videos to build your list, but you don’t know-how. VidPowr allows you to collect leads directly inside your video.

Connect your autoresponder to VidPowr and automatically sync your leads from VidPowr to over 20 autoresponders we support;

Aweber, Getresponse, Keap, Mailchimp, Sendiio, Sendlane, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, Drip, MailVio, Inbox, Sendinblue, Pabbly, Zapier and more.

Conditional Video

Tailor your video content to match customer’s preferences

Conditional Video

Tailor your video content to match customer’s preferences

Video is the best way to tell your customers’ stories. People love to consume and learn more about companies via videos. But what if you could tailor your storytelling according to their individual preferences?

By using Conditional Storytelling, you can engage your customers through personalized experiences. This way, they don’t just view passively, they create their own narrative rather than watch passively.

Shoppable Video

Sell Directly Inside Your Video

Our current users see over 300% conversion when they switched to VidPowr shoppable video.

Product placement inside videos provides a unique, engaging, and cost-effective way to promote your products or brand.

Unlike other promotional strategies that often feel forced, product placement inside videos feels natural, effortless, and gives a higher conversion rate.

You can embed your products and affiliate products on VidPowr.

Collect Feedback

Collect Viewers Experience & Interaction With Your Video

Collect Feedback

Collect Viewers Experience & Interaction With Your Video

Capturing and collecting client or viewer’s feedback using video can be quite a challenge. 

Ask them to send their feedback via video. 90% of the time is cricket response, getting a client to agree, recording phrases, and uploading the video to your website is not an easy task.

Here is where VidPowr feedback collection comes in handy👍😂

Video Protection

Secure & Protect Your Videos

When there’s confidential information to share, you’ll want to protect it from unauthorized access. A password-protected video can do just that and prevent the content from being streamed by those that don’t have direct access.

You can geo restrict your video where only people from certain countries can access it.

You can create a dynamic password per viewer and also restrict the websites that your video content can be embedded.

Multilanguage Video

Speak Your Audience Language

Multilanguage Video

Speak Your Audience Language

Nowadays, it’s essential to make multilingual videos. With globalization and language becoming less of a barrier, customers want to connect with brands in their own language.

Your brand can reach new heights if you are able to reach customers in their native language.

Your video in multilanguage, you can expect a 70% increase in engagement and a 3-times higher conversion rate.

Quizzes, Questions & Polls

Create Interactive Video Quizzes, Polls & Ask Questions. 

Creating interactive video quizzes and polls is an exciting way to gather your customers’ feedback in real-time. With this technique, you can learn more about your users and their perception of your product. It will also provide useful feedback for the execution of your marketing strategy.

In today’s digital environment, it’s important to understand your audience. Video quizzes and polls allow you to do this on the fly.

Collect viewers responses right inside your video.

Educational Video & Courses

Port Your Training Videos and Courses to VidPowr

Educational Video & Courses

Port Your Training Videos and Courses to VidPowr

Let VidPowr help you add some interactivities to your;

  • Training Videos
  • Video courses
  • Sales and marketing videos
  • Webinar videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Live classes and onboarding videos

If you do anything online with video you need VidPowr.

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Transform and add some awesomeness to your videos with the VidPowr interactivity app.

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