Video Shares & Embed

Embed video page or just the video, video shares, and third-party site embed

We will be looking at how to embed and share our VidPowr videos on our website or 3rd party platforms

Locate the embed tab here

We have 2 different embed types

1. The first option allows you to embed the whole video page,

2. While the second will embed only the video

To see what the whole video page embed looks like, I’ll copy the code

For this demo, we are using Divi builder

The code will work just fine for all websites and any 3rd party platform that allows embed codes

The pixel height and width I used are 1200px by 900px

Say I want to embed only the video without the bells and whistles, I’ll copy this code (code 2)

From here you’ll be able to share the video, using the video URL

And can also share on social platforms

copy the URL

And to share just the video without title and descriptions

This is how to modify the VidPowr video

Go to the video “Settings”, then on “General settings”

Scroll and locate the “show only video” and check the box

Save the changes

Now when I refresh this page, you’ll see the changes

Next, we’ll try to embed our video pages or playlists

Click on pages to get started with the page embed

Click on the page management to reveal the code

See how to setup your video page here

And on playlists

Just the same method too… Click on the manager video link

Click on playlist settings

Scroll to locate the code

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