What Is VidPowr

VidPowr is an interactive video player customization, video personalization, and video automation platform. That gives wings and transformation to your existing marketing and training videos.

It takes you just a few seconds and 2 easy steps.

Copy the URL/link of your existing video content from AWS, Any MP4 URL, VidTags, Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, or Vimeo

Use VidPowr’s powerful interactivity add-ons to turn it into a personalized, dynamic, and interactive viewer experience that drives results & conversions

Add color to your videos with VidPowr interactivity. Convert your customers and give them the ability to interact with video content through inbuilt tools like;

  • Shoppable videos

  • CTAs

  • Lead generation

  • Conditional videos

  • Video streaming

  • Player customizations

  • Multilanguage videos

  • Video captions and subtitles

  • Video protection and security

  • Create quizzes/Polls

  • Add clickable buttons

  • Book appointments

  • Whatsapp connect

  • Tap to call

  • Add hotspots

  • Embed your videos on your website and third-party sites

  • Create video pages and playlists

  • Create client’s accounts and customize your own dashboard

VidPowr In Action

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Transform and add some awesomeness to your videos with the VidPowr interactivity app.

Made with ❤️ in Atlanta



©copyright 2024 VidPowr

Made with ❤️ in Atlanta

©copyright 2024 VidPowr