Add Public and Unlisted Videos

Supported Video Platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, MP4 videos, VidTags, Google Drive, and Dropbox

In this quick guide, we are going to look at how to fetch our videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, Mp4 URL videos, and VidTags.

1. When you log in to your VidPowr dashboard, click on “All”

2. Next, you click on “Add Video”

Select your choice video source

And we support videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Mp4 video URLs, Dropbox public share videos, Google Drive public share videos, and VidTags videos

I’ll select YouTube and then source for the YouTube video link that we want to fetch

We can use the watch URL

Or click on the “share” button to copy the share URL

1. Back on VidPowr, and paste the YouTube video URL

2. Our visibility should be public

3. This option is for streaming videos only, so we’ll skip it

Now our video has been added successfully

We can change the video theme

We can select our preferred color

We can do more customizations like applying the control changes

Upload our own logo

Change the player button

And change the video thumbnail

We have a well-detailed guide on how to customize all these.

And we covered the data collection tab also.

And on the “settings”

You can change the video URL slag

We can also change the video visibility to either public or private

Under “listed” you can select if you want Google to index the video or no

You can also give credit to YouTube by selecting, yes

Again, we have a well-detailed guide for each of the features you see here.

And we can also change and edit the video title

And change or edit the description also.

1. You can apply the save changes here

2. View the video frontend here

3. You’ll be able to embed the video on 3rd party sites here. Like embed the whole video page or just only the video

4. And we can share the video from here

5. And the video can be deleted from here 

6. To navigate back, that can be done from this tab

1. To embed the whole video page, you’ll copy this code

2. And if you are to embed only the video, this is the code you need

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